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Enneagram Essentials - 125 Cards for Self-Awareness & Connection

Enneagram Essentials - 125 Cards for Self-Awareness & Connection

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By Jackie Brewster 

These insightful cards are an innovative and uniquely interactive way to learn about and apply the highly popular Enneagram personality model as you uncover your inner feelings, motives, and desires; nurture your empathy and compassion for others; and grow toward the best version of yourself.

Embark on a new Enneagram journey—by yourself or with other—with 
Enneagram Essentials, a beautifully designed boxed set of 125 cards. Using the included booklet, you'll be able to identify which Enneagram number aligns with your personality and learn more about common Enneagram terms. As you move on to the visually engaging cards, you’ll explore your core fears and desires, defense mechanisms, what your heart longs to hear, how you function in relationships, and much more. Tabbed dividers separate the cards into six categories:

Enneagram basics—the fundamentals
Enneagram awareness—more detailed exploration
Enneagram insights—the “cons” of each type
Enneagram assets—the “pros” of each type
Enneagram and relationships—relating with other types
Deeper dive into Enneagrams—more revelation about each type
Individuals or small groups can use
 Enneagram Essentials daily or weekly in various settings including personal devotional times, at the dinner table, date nights, small groups, around the campfire, or even at counseling sessions. Conversations and application can be enhanced by utilizing the many discussion questions featured on the six divider cards.
Whether you are an Enneagram expert or novice, counselor, spiritual leader, or individual, this interactive tool for meaningful personal growth will leave you feeling known, seen, and understood.

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