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Little Renegades - Mindful Kids: Bedtime

Little Renegades - Mindful Kids: Bedtime

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Nighttime can be a tricky time for a lot of kids. So, we created our bedtime collection to make it a little more peaceful. This deck offers 40 guided meditations and peaceful prompts to help little ones ease into dreamland. Our hope is that these tools will help transport your little one into a restful place where they can expand their focus on calming, imaginative places that reduce worry and busy minds. 

We do this through mindfulness activities. Mindfulness is the process of becoming fully aware of the present moment. And for us, there’s no better way to anchor our attention and imaginations than by leaning into the wisdom of our natural world.

Each deck comes with 40 two-sided cards with beautifully water-colored illustrations for the little ones as well as more detailed instructions for parents, teachers, and caretakers.


Frequently Asked Questions
For Parents: These cards are intentionally very simple and shouldn’t take much time. They serve as a great addition to bedtime routines. We find practice makes perfect. Use them regularly as your little one is winding down at night. 

For Teachers: Many teachers enjoy using the cards as an end to their classes. Ask the kids to lay down, visualize the illustration on the card, then gently guide them through the meditations and activities as a class together. 

Age RangeWhile we designed the cards for little ones in mind (ages 3-7), we’ve received great feedback from “older kids” (and parents!) who’ve found them very helpful. The practices of mindfulness are intentionally simple so they really do work for most age ranges. If you’re looking for a simple introduction, these will work well. 

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