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Rediscovering You Card Deck

Rediscovering You Card Deck

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A Connection Deck

Deepen your connection with yourself and others by exploring these fun and revealing questions about your Past, Present, and Future.

 • Set of 52 cards

• Age 13 and up


We often neglect to dig into and talk about the things that really matter. These cards were designed to foster connection. Use with a journal to begin a journey of self-discovery. Use around the dinner table with friends and family to say what too often stays unspoken – the things that shaped you, the challenges and gifts of the present moments, and the dreams that you hope to bring to life.

 These simple questions were created to reignite our insatiable curiosity about ourselves and our people.

 The cards cover three categories:

• Past

• Present

• Future

 Questions cover topics such as:

• What you were taught when you were growing up…

• How you see yourself…

• What you are dreaming about…

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